Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services & Community Guardian Program

JASA has two programs that help safeguard the frailest and most vulnerable New Yorkers: Community Guardian Program and Adult Protective Services. 

Last year, JASA avoided 156 evictions on behalf of clients in these two programs. 


The Community Guardian Program serves as the court-appointed legal guardian of hundreds of adults across the five boroughs, providing them with critical services and supports with the goal of keeping them in their respective communities and as independent as possible. Individuals in this program have been determined to be "incapacitated" under Article 81 of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law. JASA's Community Guardian Program serves some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, including the seriously and persistently mentally ill, the homeless and formerly homeless, and people facing eviction. JASA is appointed only when there are no family or friends who are willing or able to take on the role. 

The program submits annual reports on client cases as well as records of all client funds and expenses to the New York State Supreme Court Guardianship Court and the Human Resources Administration (HRA). 

Guardianship responsibilities can encompass a wide range of duties. Based on court decision, this can include property and financial management, assistance with aspects of daily living, and advocacy with medical and social service providers. 


Adult Protective Services is called into crisis situations where an adult's safety is at risk due to complications caused by isolation, exploitation, loss of physical health and/or mental alertness. Social workers remain involved until a person's situation stabilizes. 

These programs provide assistance to adults age 18+.

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