About JASANextGen:

JASANextGen is a volunteer advocacy program led by the next generation - ages 12-22 - to educate and advocate on issues relating to older adults. At each monthly meeting, a JASA expert will join to speak on topics ranging from advocacy to food insecurity to elder abuse. JASANextGen participants will also have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, participate in various volunteer projects, and focus on career development.

Projects Include:

  • Mini-internships in the fields of development, communications, event planning, volunteer management, and continuing education

  • Interview JASA seniors to help tell the stories of JASA clients

  • Work on social media posts for JASANextGen's social media channels

  • Assist with creating content for JASANexGen's newsletter

  • Create fundraising campaigns to raise money for vulnerable older adults

  • Participate in career development events with JASA staff and corporate partners

  • Lead volunteer event(s) with fellow NextGenners and seniors

  • Start a JASANextGen club at your highschool


Email NextGen@jasa.org if you are interested in joining!