Volunteer FAQ

Do I need prior experience to volunteer?

No prior experience is needed. For certain volunteer opportunities, we will require references.

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Do I need to sign up in advance or can I just stop by to volunteer?

We’d like to make sure your volunteer experience is as meaningful as possible, and for that reason you have to sign up in advance with the JASA Volunteer Services Department.

For more information contact 212.273.5353 or volunteer@jasa.org.

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How do I sign up to volunteer?

Complete our online Volunteer Interest Form or contact us at 212.273.5353 or volunteer@jasa.org to request an application.

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What volunteer opportunities are available?

Information about JASA volunteer programs can be found by visiting the Volunteer page on our website.

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I want to volunteer but do not see an assignment that interests me.

JASA staff will work with you to find the right opportunity. Please contact us at 212.273.5353 or volunteer@jasa.org.

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Is there a minimum age to begin volunteering?

Volunteers are required to be 18+ for most assignments, but youth volunteers are welcome with an adult chaperone. We also welcome school and community groups.

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How do I find a corporate, group, or family volunteer opportunity?

JASA hosts a variety of group projects. We're happy to work with you to coordinate a meaningful project for your group. For more information contact us at 212.273.5353 or volunteer@jasa.org.

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What is the required time commitment for volunteering?

JASA offers one-time, ongoing, and special event volunteering. You can volunteer as often as is convenient for you. Please note, some programs require a weekly commitment.

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Where are volunteer opportunities located?

Opportunities are available in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

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What hours can I expect to volunteer?

Most ongoing volunteer opportunities take place during regular business hours – Monday through Friday. One-time and special event programs often occur in the evenings or on weekends. Most volunteer shifts are not longer than three hours.

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Are internships available?

Yes. JASA partners with many local schools and universities to provide internship opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

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Does JASA provide a letter or certificate of volunteer service?

Yes. JASA can supply a certificate of volunteer service upon request.

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To learn more contact 212.273.5353 or volunteer@jasa.org.

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  • After Hurricane Sandy, I was so very depressed. JASA welcomed me with open arms, it’s a whole new world, they are my family.
    - Ruby
  • JASA is comfort! I always hear from the staff if they think my mom is not herself.
    - Sheryl (daughter of Ida)