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Sponsor JASA's Elder Justice Training Institute 

November 2021 – April 2022

JASA is recognized as a leading provider of education for professionals working with victims of elder abuse. JASA’s Elder Justice Training Institute offers five workshops that improve the understanding of and response to the various forms of elder abuse. The Institute educates social service, health, legal and financial professionals, as well as the public.

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About JASA
JASA is the go-to agency serving older adults in New York City, providing critical services to over 40,000 people annually. Founded 50+ years ago, JASA is a leading expert and innovator in aging services that recognizes the diversity among the aging population and honors older adults as vital members of society. JASA’s life-changing support services, interventions and partnerships promote aging with a purpose and provide autonomy for older adults to remain in their homes and communities.

About JASA’s Elder Abuse Services
JASA’s innovative Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention services utilize an interdisciplinary legal/social work team approach that has helped tens of thousands of victims and their families successfully resolve crisis situations. JASA mobilizes community resources to ensure our clients’ ongoing safety.