Ruth Perelson

Defining JASA’s Legacy: Ruth Perelson

Ruth Perelson began her long association with JASA while in college. She was chosen by UJA to participate with other student leaders to work with and carry on the traditions of various Jewish organizations. Staying with JASA far beyond her initial commitment, Ruth has become an integral part of JASA’s history and growth.

“The work I have done on behalf of JASA, providing services that aid the ailing and bolster wellness for older adults, has made a profound impact on my life,” she said. “Working with JASA is rewarding and my involvement is a ‘give back’ that honors my grandparents, Rebecca and Morris Cohen, who emigrated to NYC in the late 1880s. JASA is very dear to me.”

Ruth has always been an active philanthropist, holding numerous board positions including The Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York and Director of UJA-Federation. Through the UJA-Federation, she chaired the Taskforce on Jewish Women and chaired the Women’s Public Policy Taskforce. She also formed Yab b’Yad, a support group for women leaders who have suffered emotional trauma.

“JASA is my whole life, apart from my family and my husband,” Ruth said. “I told my husband, and we’re married 60 years, you never have to worry about me. My other love is JASA.”

In addition to many other awards, Ruth was recently given the JASA Legacy Award, which honors a significant, long-term contribution to her good deeds will live on through the generations and make a profound and lasting impact on all who have benefited from JASA’s services.