Deborah Otts

Deborah Otts
JASA Case Management and Home Delivered Meals Client

Deborah lived a busy and active life. She devoted her time to watching out for others as an armed security guard. When she developed problems with her legs that required knee and hip surgery, she unexpectedly found herself incapacitated and homebound. She was isolated and became depressed.

“I found out about JASA four years ago, when I saw a neighbor getting home-delivered meals. I wondered if I could get meals too.’” Deborah did more than wonder, she reached out and discovered a range of services through JASA that have helped her thrive in her home, overcome subsequent challenges, and live self-sufficiency.

“I call my JASA social worker, Stephanie, my guardian angel,” Deborah says. “I had a bad incident a while ago – I was assaulted. Stephanie made sure I got all the help I needed, she connected me to a JASA elder abuse counselor, and I met with someone who helped me set goals, so every week, I could see I was making progress. Like climbing a pyramid. It’s what got me going again.”

“There isn’t a time when I reached out for help that JASA wasn’t there for me. They’ve helped pay for furniture, arranged for me to get a new walker, and even got me a computer.”

Today, Deborah takes online classes and runs an online senior chat room, which enables her to continue to be part of a community and work with others, which she says is a joy. “We meet in our virtual world, we talk about all different topics. Each of us has our own cross to bear, stories to tell. We all get together and talk, often longer than the hour and a half we schedule.”

Deborah says she would recommend JASA to everyone. “JASA is there to help.”