Yefim Dorfman

Yefim Dorfman
Woodworking Artist and Tenant in JASA Housing

Yefim Dorfman, 87, devoted his life to three things: engineering, his family, and his passion for woodcarving. He started his woodworking as a child back in the Ukraine. “I looked at pictures and then tried to make my carving exactly like what I saw.” His detailed wood carved houses that mirror the most ornate of Victorian homes, sophisticated copies of shoes, and elaborate farms, illustrate his remarkable talent.

“I start with small pieces of wood,” he says, “and I carve them. I enjoy spending my time doing this.” Yefim enjoys trying to recreate what he sees, but he admits, “sometimes it just comes from my own imagination.”

Nearly 25 years ago, Yefim and his wife, Nadezhda, became residents of JASA’s Scheuer House of Coney Island Senior Housing. Their apartment reflects his love of art as their walls are covered with his carvings.

After moving in, the couple soon began to attend classes and activities at the Senior Center located in the lobby of their building. Yefim even donates some of his carvings to the Center’s art exhibit. Today, they are regulars at the Senior Center and feel a strong sense of community there. Yefim's talent for woodworking has his friends and the staff at JASA at the edge of their seats waiting to see what his next creation will be.