Raymond Daughtry

Raymond Daughtry
Senior Center Member & Volunteer
U.S. Marine Veteran

Raymond Daughtry was born 86 years ago in Brooklyn and is the oldest of eight children. He saw the military as an opportunity and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served from 1950-1954. Raymond was part of the 19th Infantry Battalion, Second Division, Fleet Marine Force Atlantic. He traveled to places like Parris Island to the Caribbean and everywhere in between. He says his experiences in the military helped prepare him for his future. “We never had to go to Korea, but we were always ready,” he says. “We were always prepared for action.”

After he completed his time serving, Raymond studied architectural drafting and got a job in Quebec, Canada. For 17 years, Raymond had the privilege of traveling for his job. He traveled to many places including Israel where he visited several historic sites.

One of Raymond’s many talents include singing. Raymond got offered a performing job in Toronto and was confronted with a tough decision between choosing a career in singing or a career in architecture. With considerable reasoning, Raymond chose to continue his career in architecture. “I knew I wasn’t committed enough to music, and I just couldn’t give up my job. Most people in music struggle to find steady work, and I wasn’t willing to do that.”

Raymond worked in the furniture business when he returned to the states, but never lost his interest in music – or the military. Raymond assists with organizing entertainment programs at JASA's Brookdale Village Senior Center and in his spare time, builds model ships of World War II boats.

When asked for advice by young adults who are considering a career in the military, Raymond will say, “Ask yourself what contribution do you want to make. The military will teach you self-worth, how to set goals, and learn skills that you can apply to a civilian environment. The military will give you pride and self-respect. The opportunities in the American military really are endless. I took advantage of them when I was there, and am glad I did.”

Raymond is a regular participant in JASA’s art and music programs. He is currently helping to coordinate the upcoming art exhibit and talent show. “We have a core group of people who are always involved – it’s in their nature,” he says. “JASA offers an opportunity for people like myself who have been active all their life to stay active and involved.” JASA is lucky to have Raymond, and grateful for his service and constant contributions to his community.