Elder Justice Training Institute Webinar 5

Recharge and Refuel : Professional Wellness

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
10:00am - 12:00pm

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Working with vulnerable populations in a post-pandemic era presents significant challenges. This workshop is designed to actively engage participants in discussions concerning the pivotal role of supportive self-care and wellness in relation to their overall health and work performance. The session will address the importance of supportive self-care in mitigating the impact of stress and the advantages of cultivating a robust support system. Furthermore, strategies for managing emotional, physical, and mental fatigue (commonly referred to as burnout) will be examined. The workshop will also center on methods for bolstering support systems and overall well-being through shared experiences. Additionally, the session will illuminate the systemic stressors that affect professionals working with older adults, including the profound influence of vicarious trauma.




  Tracey Siebert, LMSW, 
Director of Education, Training, & Research Initiatives
  Upstate Elder Abuse Center at Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc.




  Miles McNeeley, LCSWVice President, Elder Abuse Prevention
  WISE & Healthy Aging



  Polly Madson Cox, LCSW, Program Supervisor
  Elder Abuse Institute of Maine




  Lori Hardoon, LMSW, 
Senior Director, Palliative Care Supportive Services


Continuing Education Information:

  • 2 CEU credits available

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