Adult Protective Services + Community Guardian

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Adult Protective Services + Community Guardian

JASA has two programs that help sustain and safeguard the most frail and vulnerable individuals in their day-to-day lives, allowing them to remain comfortably and securely in their communities and homes. Please contact the Help Center for guidance in determining which program may best assist you, a relative, or a friend.

Adult Protective Services and Community Guardian programs provide assistance to adults age 18+.



When functioning is complicated by loss of physical strength, mental alertness, or isolation, JASA is there to assist those who have no available family or friends nearby. We provide services to frail, isolated adults, who require special care, including:

  • Supervision of daily activities
  • Supportive counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Financial management



JASA assumes the legal role of community guardian for adults who have been judged legally incapacitated by the courts and require a legal guardian*. Through assessment, comprehensive service planning, regular visits, ongoing support, and regular reports to the courts, JASA ensures that the needs of these individuals are met.

Guardianship responsibilities can encompass a wide range of duties. Based on court decision this can include property and financial management, assistance with aspects of daily living, and advocacy with medical and social service providers.

* Please Note: Individuals may contact JASA directly for guidance; however, we can accept clients for this program only upon New York City court appointment.


For more information contact 212.273.5272 or

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  • I have lived in JASA housing for 12 years. The staff helped me apply for food stamps and get a home care attendant.
    - Arthur
  • Knowing that JASACare Home Care was able to provide a home care attendant for my sister, after she came home from the hospital, is the definition of peace of mind for my family.
    - Bruce