Benefits Entitlement Specialist - Manhattan APS


Benefits Entitlement Specialist - Manhattan APS

Status: Union/Full-time/Non-Exempt
Reports to: Program Director
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2018
Job Type: Full Time



Under the direction of a Masters’ level supervisor, responsible for the provision of crisis intervention, protective services and social casework on a voluntary or involuntary basis to a caseload of mentally and physically impaired, abused, and/or neglected adult clients, in accordance with the standards of the social work profession, agency policies, and requirements of the funding source:


  1.       Emergency intervention of applicants assigned to the caseload of the

program requiring housing court advocacy due to an immediate or pending eviction, ascertaining short-term need, including but not  limited to the scheduling of a psychiatric evaluation when deemed appropriate, the application for a Guardian Ad Litum, providing accurate and offering appropriate information and referral services to clients, families, collaterals, in conjunction with the assigned JASA protective services case manager (“worker”).  Working closely with the assigned JASA worker to implement an agreed upon service plan.

2.         The provision of In-Home and In-Office Assessment (Office described as the unit site as well as housing court when deemed appropriate) of the social and emotional needs of the adult client and his/her family, utilizing prescribed standardized assessment instruments (i.e., APS, DSS): securing where appropriate the assistance of other social workers and/or other professional consultants, both from within and outside of JASA, the Human Resources Administration Adult Protective Services network.

3.         Contributing to the development and implementation of a written case plan in conjunction with the assigned JASA protective services worker for the provision of a limited range of social services and interventions for the adult client(s) and family as it pertains to housing court matters (evictions, related advocacy) and the investigatory requirements in order to secure affordable and suitable housing in the event that the client(s) are required to seek alternative housing.  As part of this case plan, the “Specialist” may be requested to contribute to the preparation of an Article 81 guardianship referral to be submitted by the assigned JASA protective services worker to the appropriate Human Resources Administration agency for their consideration, and/or cooperate with an adult(s) relative or concerned other(s) in seeking an Article 81 Guardianship.  Other responsibilities of this position will include:


a)                     Individual and family counseling and guidance in the resolution of problems of the clients(s) and family as it relates to housing issues  when necessary, the consideration of an Article 81 Guardian.

b)                     The provision of specific information about housing court matters, suitable housing alternatives, information about entitlements and benefits that may be available.

c).                    Screening of client eligibility (in conjunction with the assigned Protective Services worker) and application for such benefits and entitlements as may be available and helpful.

d)                     The arrangement for direct provision of services such as legal aid, psychiatric evaluation, housing assistance, court advocacy relating to housing court matters.

e)                     In conjunction with the assigned Protective Services worker, evaluation of clients’ capacity to manage their own affairs and protect themselves from financial exploitation.  Assistance in securing needed and legitimate financial management or guardianship arrangements (as previously outlined).


f)                      Referral to, and maintenance of cooperative relationships with other community agencies, to meet the needs of the clients.


4.         The investigation and application for entitlements, housing resources, benefits, and sources of financial assistance  (for adult(s) when it pertains to an impending housing court action, as well as general research and investigation of housing resources in the community that may be utilized on an as-needed basis.

5.         Seeking appropriate guidance from the unit supervisor or program director in situations requiring clarification and consultation.

6.         Extended hours – Should the worker be called upon to respond to a crisis outside of normal business hours, including holidays, and to either spend time on the telephone, computer linkage, or assist the client in person, subject to supervisory approval, JASA will provide door to door transportation, meal allowances, and the worker will receive compensatory time for the time spent in travel and rendering services.

  1. When there is a court ordered eviction, in the event the assigned JASA protective services worker is unavailable to be present for the eviction, the “Specialist” will be present to accompany the client(s) to a safe and appropriate setting (i.e., including but not confined to city shelters, family member(s) home, other suitable housing).
  2. Emergency Schedules – In certain crisis situations, such as “cold weather days” requiring visitation of clients lacking heat, or scheduled appointments for emergency medical or psychiatric examinations, or  implementation of court-ordered protective actions, the worker may be instructed to report  to work during times other than the normally scheduled work week, including evenings, week-ends and holidays.  JASA will provide door to door transportation, meals allowances, and the worker will receive compensatory time for the time spent in travel and rendering services.
  3. Supervise community aides, interns and volunteers.

10.       Represents and interprets the agency at community conferences and meetings

11.       Participates in training and unit meetings.

12.       Completes required case records, documentation and forms within mandated time frames, utilizing computers, if so required.

13.       Handles special assignments and duties as assigned.



  • Graduate of an Accredited College or University with a B.S.W. or other BA-level degree or equivalent.
  • Good writing/record keeping skills.
  • Ability to read, write, speak understand English.
  • Ability to travel to clients’ home and city court houses using mass transit and to negotiate any steps and barriers to clients’ residences.
  • Knowledge of other languages may be helpful, especially Spanish/Russian/Yiddish/Patois.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the roles of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, and individual values as they relate to serving clients and families.



JASA is a challenging and rewarding place in which to work. Professional employment possibilities are available to those who have the requisite skills, experience, and commitment to our essential mission.  JASA offers a comprehensive benefits package to its full-time and regular part-time employees. 

Compensation Package:

Major Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance; 403b Tax-Deferred Savings Plan; Flexible Spending Account; Pre-Tax Transit; and a Generous Leave policy.

Time Off: 4 Weeks’ Vacation; 12 Sick Days; 8 Legal Holidays and several Jewish Holidays per year

Ability to Move up the Ladder - JASA employees who express interest in posted vacancies will be given first preference for interviews for vacant positions.

Annual Salary: $34,502.47/yr

To Apply

Email résumé and cover letter to: Indicate Benefits Entitlement Specialist - Manhattan APS - Manhattan in subject line.


Mail to: JASA
Human Resources Department
247 West 37 Street – Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10018

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