At JASA, we know that aging New Yorkers—our neighbors, friends, our family members, and sometimes ourselves—are a treasured, integral part of our community. We share a responsibility to support them while respecting their inalienable right to live with dignity, independence, and joy. This knowledge is at the core of JASA’s mission and drives our ongoing commitment to provide vital, cutting-edge, quality services to older adults.

In the pages that follow, you’ll read about the building blocks of our well-earned reputation to put seniors at the center of our work. You’ll also see mention of JACKIE (JASA Client Knowledge and Information Exchange), a transformative universal client record system for which we won funding from New York State in March 2016. Once implemented, JACKIE will seamlessly collect and share up-to-date information about how, when, and why seniors use our large portfolio of services.

In data management, information is power and knowledge is key—JACKIE gives us both. The new system will enhance information sharing, allowing JASA to connect with health care professionals. JACKIE, for example, will be able to alert a JASA social worker the moment a client is admitted to the hospital. JACKIE will also give us access to data we need in order to strategically expand and adapt our services to better meet seniors’ ever-growing and changing needs, and to allocate resources strategically. JACKIE will give us the knowledge we need to be even better at what we already do best: providing a high-quality, holistic continuum of services and programs critical to the well-being of so many New Yorkers.

If you’re reading this, you know that JASA is the go-to agency for the care and support of thousands of seniors. The success stories in this Annual Report bear that out time and again. With your support, we strengthen the critically important safety net those stories describe.

We are excited to share this report with you.


Board President

Chief Executive Officer