Faces of JASA

What sets JASA apart are our people – seniors, staff, and volunteers. We invite you to take a moment to meet just a few of the incredible individuals who are the faces of JASA.

  • ZELDA HOLLIS, 88 Home Delivered Meals

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  • ELIZABETH VEGA, 70 Senior Center & Housing

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  • MIKE BINGHAM, 57 Mental Health Services

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  • Paul Ortiz Director, JASA’s Community Guardian Program

    JASA serves as guardian for vulnerable clients who are deemed legally incapacitated by the courts, and don’t have a family member or friend able to take on the role. Paul and his dedicated team provide daily, full-service support for these individuals, including crisis intervention, financial management, psychological support, and long-term planning. “All humans need the same basic thing: mutual respect and a chance for their voices to be heard,” says Paul. “I take pride in the relationships we sustain because we are the lifeline for people who would otherwise be forgotten.”

  • FRANCINE SMILEN, 68 JASACare Home Care Services

    Francine is a consultant and business owner. When she required surgery for a hip replacement, she turned to JASACare Home Care services. Her personal home aide enabled her to heal and recover in her own home after the hospital, rather than stay in a rehab facility. Francine felt that the staff at JASA was caring, kind, responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. “I would have been miserable in another institution. Thank you JASA, I owe my rapid healing to you.”