Senior Centers

Community Spirit

JASA's 23 Senior Centers provide a sense of community to brighten the lives of tens of thousands of older adults in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Seniors find stimulation, conversation, exercise, and meals, planned and coordinated by more than 1,000 member/volunteers with their interests in mind. The busy schedules include:

  • Hot, nutritious kosher and non kosher lunches (plus some centers also provide breakfast)
  • Discussions on current affairs and history
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • Classes in dance, music, art, and writing
  • Trips, parties, celebrations

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“I was always busy with friends and activities, but now it seems I don’t get out as much. The nearby JASA Senior Center has given me a positive outlook on life. I’ve made friends, taken up exercise, learned to paint. I am excited about new people and new projects again!”