Elder Abuse

The elderly are among our most vulnerable citizens. JASA has teams of attorneys and social workers trained to help people 60-plus who are victims of elder abuse. This is a serious and underreported problem that can include psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse, or financial and physical abuse. JASA responded to the needs of almost 700 people affected by elder abuse last year.

To prevent crime and further abuse, JASA provides:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Advice on entitlements and benefits
  • Orders of Protection
  • Legal and medical services
  • Home safety items
  • Support groups
  • Emergency shelter
  • Safety plans

Reach out. Reach us.

Contact: Pearce Help Center
PH: 212-273-JASA(5272)
E-mail: help@jasa.org


Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens