Ruth Mirsky

Ruth Mirsky
JASA Senior Center Member & U.S. Military Veteran

Ruth Mirsky is 95 years old, and a member at JASA’s Rockaway Park Senior Center. Although it was 75 years ago when Ruth served as a “Code Girl” in World War II, she says it feels like it was just yesterday.

Ruth is the oldest of five, and grew up in Queens and Long Island, caring for her siblings. “I was only 20 years old at the time and was living at home when my younger brother enlisted. With the support of my mother, who was a feminist before her time, I decided I would go too. Ruth enlisted in WAVE, but before she could start her boot camp training at Hunter College, she had to eat fattening foods to make the weight requirement, and stand on her toes to make the height requirement.

Ruth served stateside for two and a half years performing invaluable top-secret work, intercepting Japan’s secret codes to discover their military plans. The WAVES lived together in barracks across from the headquarters where they worked. “We were closely guarded by military police, probably because of the top-secret nature of our work. We became very close, and long after the war ended, we continued to write one another in a round-robin chain letter (before email!) for almost 60 years. WAVE members would get together for reunions in different parts of the country after the war.” Today, Ruth is the last of the 14-member group.

JASA proudly honors the veterans and strong women like Ruth who served our country in World War II. We thank all veterans for their service.