Sanford Klein

Sanford Klein
Senior Center Member

It was 1997 when Sanford Klein moved to Far Rockaway, to what he happily refers to as, “The Sand Castle” due to its location on the waterfront. With JASA’s Roy Reuther senior center located downstairs, he quickly found his home there attending yoga, dance aerobics, and participating in the choral group. Sanford knew JASA well because he previously attended JASA's Rockaway Park senior center before he moved.

“What could be better?” he asks. Sanford’s friends at JASA think of him as an ambassador - someone who moves from table to table during lunches to visit his neighbors. He enjoys chatting with others at the center, encourages friends to participate in various activities, and when music is played, he gets the group to their feet to join him in a dance.

Sanford is such a big fan of JASA, that several years ago, he encouraged his mother and stepfather to join JASA as well. Usually, it is the older family members who bring in their children and younger relatives to JASA, but this time it was Sanford who encouraged his mother to join him.

“My mother, Rose was a wonderful singer, and my stepfather, William Oshinsky was a bit of a comedian,” he says fondly. “Everybody especially loved my mother and my mother loved everybody. They had some great times there.” Rose passed away in July of 2017 at the age of 101, and his stepfather a few years before that.

“My mother tried to do as much as possible. JASA kept her doing all the things she loved at her age,” Sanford remembers. “She taught me to always be as independent as you can be, and to stay open to new things.” Sanford makes a point to be open to JASA's activities, to get out of the apartment, and be with other like-minded people.

“I’m not the greatest singer, but I love to do it,” he says. “After my mother died, singing is what helped keep me sane.” His only complaint? “We need more dancers here!” With Sanford’s talented feet leading the dance, we have no doubt that he will find many willing followers.